Firefox now offers a recovery option for Firefox accounts

Recently, Mozilla announced a new recovery option for Firefox accounts. From now on, Firefox users will be able to generate a one-time key, which can be used if they ever forget their passwords, so they can access their Firefox data regardless.

Firefox Sync is the feature that allows for synchronisation between multiple instances of the browser. In terms of cybersecurity, there is nothing to worry about, since all the data that’s stored on the computer is encrypted. It gets sent to Mozilla’s servers in encrypted form as well, meaning that not even their engineers will be able to access it without knowing the password.

The feature comes in handy in cases where your laptop or smart device is stolen. A user simply gets a new one, installs Firefox, then downloads the previously-used browser data. From now on, however, there’s a new backup option in case they forget their Firefox account password – the one-time recovery key for Firefox Account.

If you’re familiar with how two-factor authentication works, you’ll be pretty familiar with this one as well. In any case, it’s best to write down the key or store it somewhere in encrypted form. According to Mozilla, once you use this key, it’s gone, and you’d have to generate a new one after that. Instructions on how to do that are available on Mozilla’s support page.

In any case, Mozilla recommends that users install Firefox on more than just a single device. That way, they’ll be able to reset access through another in case they lose access to one of them.