Fifth of companies report mobile data security breaches

Security concept: blue opened padlock on digital background, 3d render

The increased use of mobile devices has long been cause for concern in business, and a survey has now revealed that a fifth of companies have had a data breach via a mobile device.

The survey talked to nearly 900 IT professionals and discovered that the breaches are mainly due to malicious Wi-Fi connections and malware. Around a quarter of those who took part in the survey stated that a bad Wi-Fi connection had been used, while almost 40% had been affected by malware. The survey looked at both devices that are company-owned and those owned by the worker.

The survey revealed that around 37% of companies could not be sure if the use of a mobile device had led to a data security breach in the past. The professionals who took part in the survey are all members of the Information Security Community on the social networking site LinkedIn and are from 10 different countries.

The LinkedIn founder has said the survey shows that the breaches are on the rise. Companies need to be aware of the risks of BYOD and 39% of IT professionals have admitted that security is one of their biggest concerns. Despite this, only 30% of companies are planning to spend more on data security this year, and 37% will not be increasing budgets at all. The survey also revealed that only 34% of companies take the time to remove sensitive data from devices when an employee leaves a company, leaving both company and employee vulnerable.