Facebook focuses on making messaging more secure

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook, revealed the company’s plans for the future: they will be focusing on privacy and encryption. Even though the changes may take years to implement, in the end, the popular social media platform will blend with WhatsApp’s level of privacy and cybersecurity.

In the beginning, their developers will focus on making messaging more secure. According to Zuckerberg, they will redesign the messaging system to be more ephemeral, interoperable, and with end-to-end encryption. They aim to give their users more control over their private messaging. When the changes go live, Facebook users will be able to set how long they want their messages to be stored, to name an example.

Interoperability means that they will be able to freely exchange messages between Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger platforms. In a recent blog post, Zuckerberg explained that they want to make messaging as secure as possible and introduce additional ways for people to interact with each other, including:

– Video calls

– Commerce

– Payments

– Stories

– Groups

As we move towards the future, Facebook will also become more focused on secure data storage, which includes making considerations about where to build data centres and whether to abide by the local government’s storage laws and grant the requests of government organisations when they want to take a peek inside their user data.

Zuckerberg admitted that, as of right now, they don’t have a strong reputation for building privacy protective services. However, as it seems, things are about to change rather soon.