Facebook buys leaked passwords online for data security purposes

Bath, United Kingdom - May 4, 2011: Close-up of the Facbook homepage displayed on a LCD computer screen with silhouette of a man's head and hand out of focus in the foreground.

Facebook is reportedly buying leaked passwords online to help keep their users’ accounts safe. They are doing everything in their power to avoid a potential data security breach or hacking activities that would compromise the security of their platform.

Currently, Facebook has over 1.71 billion users from all around the world.

In cases where Facebook identifies that a user’s password is too weak, it notifies that user of the fact that his or her password should be changed as soon as possible. However, this is not the only step taken in that direction, since Facebook also provides plenty of tools to its users that help make their accounts more secure.

Some of the above-mentioned tools include:

– Two-step authentication

– Face identification of friends

– Machine learning

That being said, every single user can add additional security of his or her account. Facebook is doing a lot to make the data security of accounts as tight as possible, but it could all mean nothing if users fail to adhere to the following basic principles:

– Updating the system and security software on a regular basis

– Changing passwords often and making them lengthy

– Not opening emails from unknown senders

– Avoiding the use of unknown Wi-Fi connections

– Not using browsers that are outdated

Since hackers always do their best to find a new way to compromise data security, we must all do what we can to make their jobs as difficult as possible.