European consortium to improve IoT security and interoperability

A new European consortium will soon begin working on Brain-IoT, a framework designed to bring IoT security and interoperability to a new level.

In total, 12 partners from Europe will play their part, including Airbus CyberSecurity, Robotnik, and Siemens AG. The consortium has a budget of €5 million.

Another one of its aims is to raise awareness regarding IoT security, as well as offer integrated solutions for cybersecurity and interoperability.

The project will focus on developing modular AI systems that one will be able to deploy across networks of standardised IoT devices.

Airbus CyberSecurity, one of the partners, is among those who will be providing expertise and technologies to the project, with the main focus being on secure IoT and service provision. According to the company, the mission revolves around creating a top-notch security layer and lightweight mechanisms for trusted systems.

Airbus explained that the solutions created will be applicable to various smart devices, including sensors and smartphones. Steven Rymell, the head of technology at Airbus, views this as an opportunity to contribute to the cybersecurity of this generation. He believes it’s of utmost importance to look at the security issues of tomorrow and address them today.

There was a Brain-IoT meeting earlier this year where the participants discussed various topics such as future IoT applications, concluding they should never be supported by a single, irreplaceable, unique IoT platform.