Enterprises call for better broadband strategy

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The Institute of Directors (IoD) is calling for the government to develop a much more ambitious strategy for business broadband.

The IoD has said that the government is focused on meeting a target speed of 10 Mbps by 2020. However, the IoD believes that this policy has been put into place to distract people. Most users currently have an average speed of 28 Mbps. Additionally, the UK is behind other European nations when it comes to installing fibre optic cables. In comparison with Lithuania, a third of premises in the Baltic state have fibre connections, while the UK has just a fraction of this.

The IoD has said that in Lithuania much of the network had been installed by smaller providers because the providers are able to access the ducts and poles that are used for the cables. In light of this, the government is being urged to ‘concentrate on future-proofing’ the infrastructure for broadband in the UK to allow for expected demand. The group would like the government’s new target to be a speed of 10 Gbps for all homes and businesses by 2030.

The organisation believes that by being more ambitious, businesses across the UK could benefit. Most business leaders believe that faster broadband will help to improve productivity within their company. In addition, most believe that it can help them to become more competitive. Some consider that it can help them to attract a better calibre of workforce as it will enable the offering of flexible working options.