Early 5G mock testing is underway in Newbury

Vodafone UK have started testing the future 5G network with an early smartphone prototype that uses the Snapdragon X50 modem. Allegedly, it can replace the FTTH based broadband connections.

The technology is capable of achieving a whopping speed of 4.51 Gbps, although 1-2 Gbps are probably the more accurate numbers for a realistic scenario.

The testing crew in Newbury managed to download a movie that’s almost 2 hours long (1:45 in length) in a spectacular 24 seconds. However, there was no word on the video quality and file size, so the results are somewhat open to interpretation.

Nick Jeffery, CEO at Vodafone UK, takes pride in the fact that the company successfully made the first 5G 3D holographic call between Manchester and Newbury last year. Shortly thereafter, they were the first in the UK to make a call over a live mobile network. This time, the company reached another important milestone of being the UK’s first to test technology that will power the 5G smartphones of tomorrow.

Currently, Vodafone’s pre-commercial 5G trial is being held in the following regions:

– Birmingham

– Glasgow

– Cardiff

– Bristol

– London

Soon, the following regions will join the list:

– Scottish Highlands

– Lake District

– Certain parts of Cornwall

Bear in mind that the vast majority of trials thus far have been focused on fixed wireless connections. We can expect to see the first commercial deployments at some point in 2019, with the exact dates remaining unknown for the time being.