Driving Growth through People, Tech & Process

Any company that has a plan in place to scale up needs to ensure they have sufficient capabilities in place to successfully manage extra demand and additional recruitment and IT requirements.

Growth is the continuous goal for a majority of companies as they bid to up-sell, acquire new clients and often tap into new fields with the ever-changing technological landscape often allowing new opportunities in otherwise unentered markets.

There are three key drivers which play a major role in ensuring a seamless transition in the growth of any business especially when maximising your IT capabilities.


The first driver is people. Your team provide the necessary skills to enable your organisation to perform in order to drive growth, this has never been more critical than now, with the ever-changing digital landscape requiring us to keep ahead of the game or run the risk of playing catch-up.

Your staff should be your USP as they represent the very crux of your operation, ensuring they are motivated, well communicated and that they understand what they are doing day to day impacts the overall mission of the business.


Embracing a digital transformation has never more critical to the growth potential of your business.

However, not everyone utilises the opportunity to transform their business through technology even though the speed of technological growth is at a lightening pace.

The ability to reduce costs and increase productivity through outsourcing certain capabilities whilst also taking advantage of automation and the cloud, is a way for many companies to increase their outputs.


Utilising processes to their full potential is a key element in driving operational success and defines a ‘well-oiled machine’ and avoids the ‘making more work for yourself than necessary’ scenario.

To ensure a well-defined Process in place it must contain the three following steps:

  • Strong Communication – An understanding from everyone exactly what they must do in order for the process to be a success.
  • Align Operations with New Business Strategy – Implementing or modifying a business strategy often involves change, especially by the people involved. Ensuring the people involved in the old strategy have a say in the new one could play a big part in refining your strategy.
  • Increase Control and Consistency – Organizations and companies that succeed are ones that ensure their business processes and rules are well designed and that they are consistently applied the same way every single time.

These three steps create a cornerstone of effectiveness and form the building blocks of a stable and achievable growth plan.

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