Do you know how to stay protected from network attacks?

Recently, UK and US authorities have issued a warning; organisations are advised to keep their network cybersecurity up to date, lest they risk being targeted by Russian hackers.

Devices like routers and other similar devices connected to the internet may contain exploits that make them an easy target for hackers. Unless you’ve taken the proper steps to secure them, this could put your entire organisation at risk.

The following type of attacks are believed to be a part of the Russian hacking campaign:

– Man-in-the-middle attacks

– Intellectual property theft

– Cyber espionage

Worse yet, if you leave such devices unattended, hackers could gain persistent access through compromised devices.

To date, millions of such devices have already been exploited by the hackers, and the common trait they shared was a poor level of cybersecurity in addition to weak passwords in general.

If you want to read up on the technical information regarding how to remain ahead of cybercriminals, visit Cisco’s official website where you can read up on the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

Generally speaking, please perform firmware updates on a regular basis. Wherever possible, an antivirus solution is recommended. Also, it’s a good idea to close off any ports on your router which you’re not really using. Obviously, if you’re still using the default device password, you need to change it immediately. Apart from that, you should make sure that your router is configured properly and securely.