Digital transformation trends for 2019

Many organisations have embarked on a journey of digital transformation and the change seems to be quite noticeable in the past couple of years. Although the future is still to be unraveled, the trends seem to be pointing towards a clear direction right now, at least from a technological perspective:

  1. Organising the enterprise data

Fragmented and inconsistent landscape is one of the major issues in a typical enterprise. Instead, organisations should aim towards a stronger data foundation.

  1. Refining the cloud strategy

In 2019, enterprises will be shooting for even more complex and dynamic multi-cloud environments. Looking for a single vendor to make it all work, however, may no longer be a possibility.

  1. Improving the digital customer experience

Offering better customer experience is at the forefront of what many companies are trying to achieve with the help of digital transformation.

  1. Utilising the analytics

Businesses are spending a lot on machine learning, analytics, and data science. In other words, organisations around the world seem to be increasingly more data-driven.

  1. Reducing technical debt

During recent years, organisations have accumulated quite a bit of technical debt, the effect of which is holding back their digital transformation efforts. A lot of solutions have ended up being technological dead ends.

Although not of a technological nature, there is one final point that needs to be addressed: missed leadership communications opportunities will need to be addressed. In 2019, leaders can really make their digital transformation campaigns more effective if they aim to tell a compelling and high-level change story.