Developers will now be able to integrate Zoom via SDK

Zoom is now offering an SDK (software development kit) for developers who wish to integrate the popular video conferencing solution into their software.

According to the firm, this will allow anyone to build their very own video-based applications and websites based on the Zoom platform.

In fact, all kinds of apps will have an easy way to incorporate Zoom functionality and its video and audio features.

The company imagines developers utilising these for a myriad of different purposes, ranging from social media all the way to virtual retail apps and gaming platforms.

According to a recent company blog post by Zoom product marketing manager Natalie Mullin, developers will have a new way to drive customer engagement using the new Video SDK.

This should open up new opportunities for revenue without the developers being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface.

In addition, the company is rolling out a centralised portal for developers where they can learn all about the tools that are available to them.

According to Zoom chief technology officer Brendan Ittelson, the goal is to establish a single point where developers can get additional resources and information about the tools that Zoom offers them.

There is also a new analytics dashboard that allows developers to get a glimpse into how users are interacting with the Zoom features.

Zoom was able to scale up its operations due to the increase in remote work and remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the first few months of the pandemic, the company recorded an “unprecedented number of free participants”.

To keep pace with competitors such as Google Meet, new tools are being introduced all the time – these include security improvements, facial effects and expanded accessibility features.