Data security still a major concern

Experts are predicting that data security will be taken more seriously as companies head into 2016.

As companies embrace cloud computing, experts are predicting that they will be addressing the major issue of data security. At the present time there is a gap between how much of the budget is allocated to cloud security and how much actually needs to be spent. Just 3.8% of the cloud computing budget is allocated to security, which is well short of the 11% spent on general IT security. In 2016 it is expected that the gap will narrow and companies will be able to deal with security threats more easily.

It is also expected that the cost of cybersecurity insurance will rise dramatically in 2016, partly due to the massive costs connected to data security breaches in 2015. It is going to be hard for some companies to meet these increased insurance costs.

It is also predicted that cloud services from Microsoft will become the most popular option for file-sharing services, overtaking rival services that have been doing very well to date.

Companies need to be aware that as security offered by cloud providers becomes stronger, they are more likely to face breaches from their own side. Employees will become the weak link when it comes to security, even if this is not intentional, and companies will need to take this into consideration when planning their internal IT security.