Data security incident in Boeing affects 36K workers

A Boeing employee was seeking formatting assistance with an Excel spreadsheet. Not knowing that this particular spreadsheet contained sensitive personal information of Boeing workers, he sent it to his spouse. Although no personal data has been exposed as of yet, the law requires the company to send a disclosure to Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General.fe

The data security incident could potentially leak the personal data of 36K Boeing employees, including:

– Social security numbers

– Full names and employee IDs

– Accounting department codes

– Dates and places of birth

According to Marie E. Olson, the company’s deputy chief privacy officer, some of the above-mentioned data was tucked away in hidden columns.

At the time when the employee was sending the document to his spouse, he did not realise this, as the data was hidden and not really visible.

In order to make sure that all of the spreadsheet copies have been destroyed, the company has taken some precautionary measures on both his computer and that of his spouse. Apart from that, both parties have confirmed that they had not distributed the document in question.

Boeing employees first started receiving data security breach notifications on the February 8th. To prevent similar accidents from happening in the future, the company will start training their employees in how to properly handle sensitive information as well as undertaking additional measures in this direction.

Affected employees have also received a two-year subscription to a credit monitoring service.