Data security experts urge vigilance before Christmas

UK businesses are being encouraged to put data security high on the agenda before Christmas to help to protect them from any potential breaches.

Shred-it, the information destruction and shredding expert, has offered advice to companies that want to take steps to do more to protect data. The advice issued includes ensuring that employees do not leave confidential information lying around on their desks and ensuring that computers, laptops and tablets are securely put away. Many companies use the Christmas break to bring in contractors for maintenance work and it is important not to have sensitive information lying around.

The company also wants employers to advise their home-based employees on how to dispose of any work-related documents, as simply dropping them into the recycling bin is not good enough. Keeping track of all equipment and storage devices such as USBs is also important, as companies need to be able to track where their information is being held.

Encryption for any electronic devices that are being used, such as tablets and laptops, is important. Password protection should also be in place at all times as an additional security measure.

With so many high-profile data security breaches in recent years, companies need to do everything they can to protect their employee and customer data. This is an issue that needs to be high on the agenda at all times, and taking steps to prevent breaches can save companies a lot of time and money in the long term.