Data protection concerns with Brexit

Data securityIt has been announced that the recent Brexit referendum result will not change the way the UK will be obliged to approach data security issues.

IT data security providers are warning that companies will need to exercise more vigilance in protecting data and improving cybersecurity following the Brexit win in last week’s referendum. As cybercrime is on the rise, companies need to ensure that their security systems are robust enough to deal with new challenges, and this does not just apply to the larger companies. Experts are calling upon companies to continue investing in this area, particularly in light of the fact that Brexit will not immediately impact on the obligations of UK companies to meet the new GDPR.

Questions had been raised following the referendum result about how the UK would be affected by the new regulations, but the Information Commissioner’s Office has said that the UK would still be required to meet the standards set out in the regulations if the country still wants to trade with other EU nations within the single market. The new GDPR begins in 2018 and any internal legislation the UK puts in place will have to comply with it, offering the same security standards and practices.

One of the ways in which UK companies can ensure that their data security is compliant with international standards is to work to achieve the ISO 27001 ISMS. This standard looks at all aspects of information security and guides companies in establishing the correct processes and managing them at all points in the business.