Data centre location research

Research has shown that the US and China are the most popular locations in the world for data centres.

In the second quarter of this year the US was the most popular location for new data centres and cloud centres, with the data centre footprint for the top cloud providers in the world showing that 44% located their data centres in the US. China accounted for 10% of centres, while Japan, the UK, Singapore and Australia were in joint third place with just 5% each. Germany and the Netherlands each had 4%.

The research suggests that there are two trends in the cloud market: the US is leading the way and China is rapidly catching up. A number of top cloud providers have already constructed data centres in China, including Amazon and Microsoft; however, the Chinese authorities have announced that they are to test foreign providers for ‘trustworthiness’.

Traditional data centre hubs such as Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong were shown to still be strong; however, there is now more demand and many providers want to offer solutions closer to home. IBM, for example, has opened centres in Italy and Germany this year.

The researchers believe the current trends for locations are set to continue. The 13 companies that took part in the research now have around 150 data centres in various locations around the world, with plans for many more over the next few years.