Cybersecurity not threatened by Brexit

Security cyberA survey has revealed that data security experts do not believe that Brexit would be a problem in combatting cyberattacks.

If the UK opts to leave the EU, it will still be able to protect itself from data security breaches. The study was carried out by Tripwire, a cybersecurity company. A total of 278 professionals who were at the InfoSecurity Europe conference were questioned for the survey. Of those surveyed, 64% said that leaving the EU will not make a difference to data security. It was also suggested by the experts that the UK would be reconsidering the new regulations being put into place by the EU.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could be one of the regulations that the UK could choose to avoid if the decision is made to leave the EU. This law is expected to come into force early in 2018. GDPR looks at issues like data portability, data breach notification, and the right to be forgotten. The Network and Information Security Directive will be coming into force in August this year. This regulation affects infrastructure operators such as railways, healthcare, and banks, and demands that they report all incidents connected to cybersecurity.

Experts have said that data security breaches take no notice of geographical boundaries and it is only by sharing information and working together that the threats can be fought. They believe that IT professionals in different countries will continue to work together on this issue regardless of whether or not the UK remains in the EU.