Attack of the Cyber Bots

Ransomware attacks are becoming more prominent. This is when an external agency hijacks your system leaving you unable to do anything until you have paid them a ransom sum of money.

No matter the size of an organisation, without the right security protection protocols, anyone is vulnerable to an attack and this has been highlighted by several high-profile cases over the years.

Sony PlayStation Network 2011

Sony’s PlayStation consoles have been the most successful gaming device ever, and have beaten all competition who faced it.

PlayStation still continues to be the biggest selling consoles despite competition from Microsoft’s successful X-box AND the setback of a major security breach in 2011.

In mid-April 2011, Sony became aware that some of their functions of the network had gone down.

A two-day attack affected PlayStations online service for up to a month with over 12000 in date credit card details being stolen costing the company over £140 Million.

Yahoo 2012 – 2014

American multinational technology company Yahoo announced that over 500 million users had had their data stolen by hackers.

The hack was supposed to have taken place against users who had not changed their password since before 2014 and were urged to do so immediately.

Fortunately, no credit card details were stolen in the cyber-attack but personal information was taken by the attackers.

Sony Pictures Entertainment – 2014

It had been a tough few years for the Sony group after the PlayStation attack but three years later, all eyes were back on Sony after a group claiming to be called the ‘Guardians of Peace’ claimed responsibility for gaining access to the personal data of SPE’s employees and their families including email address and financial information.

Despite setting aside $15 million to deal with the attacks, film scripts and medical records of actors were also leaked.

Upcoming film ‘The Interview’ was pulled because of the cyber-attack costing the Sony Group millions.

These attacks are proof that anyone can be made vulnerable to a cyber-attack. However, there are a number of criteria you can do to ensure you protect yourself to the best of your abilities.

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