Cyber Monday is here – learn to protect yourself from threats

Cyber Monday has arrived! As enjoyable as the consumer holiday may be for spenders, hackers are fond of taking advantage of it as well. There are plenty of cyber security threats you need to shield yourself against today if you’re a retailer, so let’s take a look at the best industry practices for dealing with them:

  1. Set privileged access management

You can expect many people to visit your physical store to snap up a good deal if you’re selling digital devices. These need to be protected by privileged access security. To stop the would-be hackers in their tracks, you need to find a way to prevent irreversible takeover attacks before they happen. If you’re using on-premise infrastructure accounts, controlling and securing them is a must – rotating the passwords is your best bet.

  1. Invest in education

Not enough employees are rewarded for their knowledge of being able to stop a cybersecurity breach. When fighting against cyberattacks, everyone needs to be involved, so basic cybersecurity training is a good investment. On the other side, we have the consumers – they need to be wary of phishing campaigns.

  1. Quick deals should never sacrifice security

The festivities and spending at affordable prices should never come at the expense of security. A breach can cause an irreparable dent in your reputation as a business owner, not to mention the fines you could be slapped with as a result, so you need to take the steps needed to prevent this grim scenario from unfolding.