Consumers and enterprises lack trust in IoT security

A new survey by Gemalto indicates that as many as 96% of enterprises and 90% of customers lack trust in the cybersecurity aspect of IoT devices.

Additionally, here’s what else was revealed:

  • 65% of consumers worry about a hacker controlling their IoT devices, while 60% are afraid of their data being stolen
  • About two thirds of businesses (67%) encrypt the data that is stored on their IoT devices
  • Even though more than a half of consumers own an IoT device (54%), only 14% of them share the opinion that they have an extreme amount of knowledge when it comes to cybersecurity for IoT
  • 61% of businesses are in favour of regulations that would make it clear whose responsibility it is to secure IoT devices

Ironically, more people fear hackers gaining control of their IoT devices than their data being leaked.

The world around us is getting smarter; think of self-driving cars, medical IoT gadgets, and city infrastructure. Judging by the direction the world around us is taking, we can probably expect more government involvement with IoT in 2018 and onward.

That, however, would raise even more questions. Who will be in control and over what devices? What type of mechanisms can we expect from the government? Will cybersecurity responsibility fall on the shoulders of business owners, IoT manufacturers, or somewhere in between?

The problem is that even if someone wants to purchase a secure IoT device, there may not be secure options available.

In any case, the complete results of the survey are available on Gemalto’s official website.