Concern that cloud growth has plateaued

Concerns have been raised that cloud computing growth has reached a plateau, with a recent survey showing little movement over the past 12 months.

Experts have been so positive about cloud computing that most people think it is continuing to grow; however, the survey looked at 500 mid-market organisations and found that a peak may already have been reached. The study, which was published by Deloitte, reveals that movement towards the cloud has slowed as part of a primary IT strategy; however, companies are still convinced that a move to the cloud is the best way to improve productivity.

More than one-third (37%) of IT executives still believe that keeping everything in-house is the way forward, which is higher than the 35% recorded a year ago. There has been a slight increase in the number who prefer a hosted solution run by another party (up from 24% to 26%), while there has been no change in the number of companies looking for a hybrid cloud solution (21%).

The percentage of companies that prefer a complete cloud computing solution is 13%, the same as last year.

These figures do not mean that the movement to the cloud has slowed; for example, even though more than one-third of companies want to keep things in-house, this does not mean that they are not using the cloud in some form or another. There is a slowing of companies making it their first choice, but many are moving some activities over to benefit from the advantages.