Concern over watchdog’s decision

Network cables connected to switchA campaign has been launched to encourage UK companies to participate in the consultation being held by Ofcom on the future of Openreach.

Business broadband providers are working alongside the Federation of Communication Services to launch a campaign to prioritise the future broadband needs of businesses in the UK. Ofcom is holding a 10-week consultation on the future of Openreach, which the main broadband providers want separated from BT.

The campaign is called ‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ and businesses can complete a form on the website to contact their MP and the regulator to give their opinion on how the infrastructure section of BT should be organised in the future. The more feedback provided, the more the regulator has to work with when making a decision.

All of the providers use the Openreach infrastructure, but they claim that there are issues with the standard of connectivity, with millions of homes and companies not getting the faster speeds that have been promised and that they need.

Ofcom has published details on how the infrastructure company can become more independent, recreating it as a standalone company but still within the same group. This would give the section its own CEO and branding. Some believe that these proposals are not enough to secure the future of residential and business broadband and want Openreach removed from BT entirely.

The campaigners believe that UK business broadband has been the victim of inadequate infrastructure and that this has a knock-on effect to the UK economy.