Cloud quantum computing the next big thing

Cloud computing, arrows and devicesBill Gates believes that some scientific problems could be solved with the help of cloud-based quantum computing and he expects this to be a reality within the next ten years.

The founder of Microsoft made the comments during an interview that took place on Reddit and was optimistic about the potential of the new technology. He has admitted that Microsoft is working on quantum cloud computing, although he has also said that he cannot be sure when the technology will be fully working or when it will become widely available. However, he has also said that there is a possibility that within 6-10 years users could be reaping the benefits.

believes that it He could be useful in a number of science issues, including catalyst design and materials design. Quantum computers do not use the standard bits that traditional computers use, but they use subatomic quantum bits instead, which have the advantage that they can be used in multiple states at the same time. More calculations can be carried out much more quickly, which could make it easier to find solutions to problems.

Other leading companies are also investing in quantum computing, and Bill Gates has more optimism than most of them, with others believing that the technology is more than a decade away from becoming fully functional. Challenges that the developers face include working out how to connect the thousands of quantum bits together to create the large-scale computers and how they can be controlled.