Cloud is an attractive tech investment

A survey carried out by Deloitte has revealed that cloud computing is an attractive investment option for venture capitalists.

The Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey revealed that cloud computing is the most attractive sector for venture capitalist investment in 2015, echoing the findings of previous surveys in the last two years. The survey also showed that cloud computing has a confidence level of 4.18 out of 5, based on information provided by 10 of the world’s top investment firms.

It is interesting that cloud computing has gained more confidence than other sectors where innovation and development are also major factors, including the biopharmaceuticals sector and social media.

Confidence levels in mobile services and the Internet of Things have also risen, with scores of 4.05 and 3.95 respectively.

The venture capitalists are generally more interested in US markets. Their confidence rating for the US was 4.17, with the UK earning a rating of 3.51. The national managing partner of the Emerging Growth Company division of Deloitte & Touche, Jim Atwell, said the results show that the investors are seriously interested in modern technology; however, he added that governments in all countries need to do more to help smaller technology companies to become larger technology companies.

The interest in cloud computing is not surprising, with more and more large businesses and organisations such as universities and governments moving towards cloud computing rather than keeping everything in house.