Cloud computing now considered the norm

A survey has been carried out that suggests that cloud computing has now become a major part of IT in business.

The Future of Cloud Computing Survey, an annual survey that has been running for five years now, has found that companies are no longer trying to decide if they are going to use cloud computing. Instead, the main question that they are dealing with is how much of cloud computing services they are going to adopt.

The survey spoke to more than 950 cloud computing users in 38 different countries and shows that the adoption of cloud services has now reached a record high. It also shows that the reasons behind companies turning to cloud services has changed. A good example is the issue of business agility. This used to be the fourth most important reason why a company adopted cloud computing usage, but it is now in second place.

The concerns about cloud usage are also changing. One of the main concerns used to be security, but a rising cause for concern is the cost of using cloud computing. Sales and marketing companies, human resources, customer service and business analytics are the main users of cloud services.

Three quarters of those who were questioned revealed that they are using less than ten providers, and most prefer to deal directly with the provider rather than use a third-party channel. The survey also confirmed that the use of hybrid cloud services is becoming stronger, while there is less interest in private cloud services now.