Cloud computing is the key to digital transformation in 2019

Last year, Forrester made the prediction that cloud computing would accelerate enterprise transformation all around the world. As for 2019 predictions, their predictions are as follows:

  1. Enterprise cloud spending will reach a new level

Businesses will modernise their core business apps, which includes eCommerce solutions, transaction systems, and databases. By using modern technologies such as machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence, businesses will enhance their offerings, and increase the spending to modernise their existing apps.

  1. Private cloud adoption will become faster

Private cloud strategies used to be quite stagnant, but soon, businesses will transform their data centres and make them into cloud powerhouses. Private cloud has the unique strength of being the ultimate software development platform, and businesses will gladly take advantage of that. Companies will be able to build private clouds on the basis of what they’ve already built, and on-premises and hybrid clouds will become a popular choice.

  1. Innovation will be stimulated by SaaS-based connected cloud ecosystems

Industry clouds, the ones we’re about to encounter in 2019, will be using extensible SaaS applications as their core. This applies to many types of businesses, including financial services, insurance services, and healthcare. Businesses will be searching for a provider that understands what they’re all about. SaaS vendors are, in fact, doubling down on integration. As for the SaaS apps, they are becoming development platforms, and that will play a huge role in 2019.

You can download the full 2019 predictions guide on Forrester’s official website.