Cloud computing battle to begin in China

Cloud computing is set to get competitive in China, with Huawei launching a cloud service that will be a strong rival for the Alibaba Aliyun service.

The launch of Huawei’s product will take place at the end of July. The CEO and vice-chairman, Xu Zhijun, announced the news that the company was preparing its own cloud computing service back in April, saying that the company was aiming to offer a full cloud computing service for clients and cloud solutions to other carriers in other countries.

The company launched its Yunfan cloud computing strategy in 2010, paving its way into the cloud sector. The following year the company established a product line with the cloud in mind and last year it launched a cloud operating system – Fusion Sphere 5.0. Other services include the provision of storage solutions, server services and data centres. Huawei has more than 400 data centres all over the world, 120 of which are cloud data centres.

This year the company has entered into a cooperation agreement with Centrin Data Systems, a partnership with Deutsche Telekom, and another cooperation agreement with the municipal government of Dalian in China. The immediate focus of the public cloud services will be the IaaS sector and industries such as finance, energy, education, manufacturing and government will be the focus of these services.

Alibaba launched its Aliyun cloud computing service over two years ago and it has grown rapidly. It should be noted that there are fewer opportunities for foreign service providers in China.