Cloud backup now an option in Microsoft Authenticator on Android

Microsoft Authenticator now offers its users a way to transfer their credentials to the cloud by taking advantage of the cloud backup and recovery feature available in the Android app.

This comes in handy when the need arises to transfer user credentials to new devices.

The app is known for enabling its users to sign into their accounts through two-step authentication.

Among its other benefits, it allows for:

– Code generation for any apps that support it

– Using it as a key for passwordless signup

– Responding to an authentication prompt that follows a signup

If you’ve been monitoring it, Microsoft has been rolling out the feature over the last couple of weeks.

However, it is now 100% available.

According to company officials, credentials will remain up to date when users delete, add, or create accounts.

For those who want to give it a spin, head on over to the settings and proceed to “Backup”.

There, you should see a toggle switch; switch it on.

The “Begin recovery” feature is there if you want to use the same Microsoft account you were using on a previous device.

Apart from Android, Microsoft Authenticator is also available on iOS devices.

If you’re using the latter, having an iCloud account is a prerequisite.

In any case, having a personal Microsoft account is needed to access the account recovery feature, no matter what OS you’re using.

Microsoft officials want to reassure users that no other personal data is stored other than usernames and account verification codes.