Cloud App Security released for all

futuristic display: Cloud computing   touchscreen interface

The new security service from Microsoft has been issued for general release for companies who need greater data security and more control.

The Cloud App Security is a new system and allows users to have a greater amount of control over the management of cloud apps. With more companies using cloud-based apps, the need for greater security and control is growing. It is expected that more data will be stored in the cloud rather than on-site in the near future. Consumers are also increasing the number of cloud apps that they are using.

Microsoft reports that even the companies that do not use SaaS apps officially often have a significant amount of shadow IT usage. Around 80% of employees are using unapproved SaaS as part of their daily work. The increased use of shadow IT means that there is an increased data security risk. It is thought that the average employee could be using 17 cloud-based apps, but their employers have no idea what they are using and how it could affect business.

Cloud App Security will allow businesses to see the apps that are being used and allow the implementation of policies that can give greater control. Processes can be put into place that will make their cloud usage more secure. In addition to identification and security, there will also be greater risk assessment and analytics. Threat protection is included and this comes with anomaly detection. Users can request a trial period to test the effectiveness of Cloud App Security for their business and gain access to a range of technical documents for further information.