Cloud adoption at an all-time high, Mitel report says

The latest Mitel survey results are in! Cloud adoption is at an all-time high, and the numbers are only going to be increasing moving forward.

To arrive at this conclusion, more than 1,000 corporate executives were surveyed. The aim of the survey was to gather their views on migrating from a traditional on-site model to a cloud phone system.

Here are the five key takeaways:

1. Isolation plays a huge role when it comes to cloud adoption

Availability, as Mitel claims, is where the focus lies. According to the statistics, 77% of UCaaS adoption is based on one requirement only.

2. Cloud adoption is driven by an increased need for enhanced IT security

Mitel found that the cybersecurity aspect of UCaaS has become stronger, since the technology has matured. Consequently, businesses all around Europe are starting to trust it more.

3. Accessing innovation is a major driver in cloud adoption

User experience goes hand in hand with innovation. As such, digital transformation is driven by the following:

– Presence tracking
– Video
– Instant messaging

4. The question of whether it’s better to choose a single supplier or a specialised cloud support

To answer it, it’s worth noting that 62% of companies want to work with an expert and establish a meaningful relationship with them.

5. Flexibility and remote working

Of those interviewed, 41% of companies had nomad workers and 14% claim to have relied on distance working.

The full report is available on Mitel’s official website (