CLIP OS, a security hardened OS, is now open-source

ANNSI has decided to make CLIP OS open-source. Now, other users, beyond French cyberspies, have the option of using CLIP OS 4 and CLIP OS 5. You can download it straight from GitHub.

Originally, the OS was developed for the needs of a French government organisation. It is an operating system with advanced cybersecurity features that will make your PC resilient to malicious code and protect your sensitive personal data.

The OS uses partitioning mechanisms that separate public and sensitive data, moving them in a completely isolated software environment.

According to ANNSI, the OS can be deployed both to security gateways and workstations. However, there is no ready-to-use version available as of yet, meaning that those who are interested will have to go through the assembling process to construct a version they’d like to use.

Allegedly, CLIP OS has been in production for 10 years. As for the versions, you can choose from CLIP OS 4, which is the stable version but features only French documentation only, and CLIP OS 5, which is an alpha version still in development – however, the documentation is available in English.

There are 14 modules available for CLIP OS 4 released by the ANSSI developers. The developers claim they can also be re-used in other projects outside of the system. Some of these are:

– An access restriction module based on the user’s role

– Lightweight TPM command tool

– Various encryption libraries

– A daemon for handling user management tasks