Cisco survey suggests that few people trust IoT security

Cisco’s new survey has revealed that although people generally see the value of IoT, only a few of them like its cybersecurity elements and how these devices handle their data. As IoT is becoming such a huge part of our lives, people would rather tolerate risk and uncertainty than disconnect.

The 3,000 consumers Cisco surveyed stated the following:

  1. They are more familiar with personal IoT gadgets than public ones

When asked to identify personal and public IoT devices, 63 per cent of respondents correctly identified personal ones such as wearables and home security systems, while only 27 per cent of them were able to do the same for public IoT implementations such as street lights and traffic systems.

  1. IoT devices are valued

A total of 53 per cent of respondents believe that IoT devices make their lives more convenient, while 47 per cent would say the same for efficiency, and 34 per cent believe they make them safer.

  1. IoT data security is an issue

Only 9 per cent of respondents trust how IoT devices handle their data, and only 14 per cent feel that companies are doing a good job at informing them on how the data they collect is being used.

  1. Although they value IoT, they don’t trust it

Even so, they are unwilling to disconnect. In fact, 42 per cent report that IoT has become too huge a part of their lives to disconnect, despite the great perceived risk of these devices.

The full report is available on Cisco’s official website.