Cisco believes cloud computing adoption is in second wave

Research commissioned by Cisco reveals that despite three-quarters of companies not having a clear cloud strategy, its adoption is now in its second wave.

The study identifies five different levels of cloud maturity: optimised, repeatable, managed, ad hoc and opportunistic.

The research also reveals that revenue increases are generally the result of new product and service sales, an increase in customers or finding new markets. Companies can now make the most of enhanced innovation to improve revenue by moving traditional IT resources over to newer options such as cloud computing, which can reduce operating costs and is more reliable.

The report commissioned by Cisco shows that companies are generally opting for hybrid and private cloud computing services because these are seen as having better security, providing better performance and giving companies more control. When moving data, security is still seen as one of the main issues.

Those who took part feel that security and flexibility are the main attractions of the private cloud; however, the popularity of hybrid systems is growing, with around 70% of those who took part saying they are going to be using a combination of public and private clouds within two years. Just 34% of companies in the US are planning to do the same thing.

Manufacturing is the industry with the largest take-up of cloud services, with 33% of companies having a specific strategy. The IT industry follows closely behind with 30%.