Career opportunities for data security experts

Even though the rise of data security threats is nothing to get excited about on its own, even this has a positive side to it. Essentially, these threats create the need for data security experts to help protect business owners from becoming victimised in the digital world, which means you are more likely to be hired if you are a data security expert.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a global cyberbreach is $3.8 million. Not only does a breach hold dire financial consequences for a company, it can also severely damage its reputation. This creates a growing demand for data security experts.

Specifically, companies are hiring people to do the following tasks:

– Clinical investigations of computer frauds

– Outlining data security for organisations

– Fixing internal security loopholes

– Remote firewall management

– Monitoring access to data

– Disaster recovery

– Data encryption

This can certainly be a lucrative field, since data security experts make almost 10% more than their IT peers, according to the recent job intelligence report. Of course, variables such as the geographic location, individual expertise, and years of experience can all influence the final salary.

As far as qualifications go, data security experts come from various different fields that may not necessarily include IT. If you are going to pursue this career, there are many job positions waiting to be filled, so you can become a cyberpolicy analyst, ethical hacker, data security specialist, security administrator, information security architect, cybersecurity consultant, and more.