Can you afford NOT to be in the Cloud?

The ‘Cloud’ has become a vital element for many businesses with a viable growth strategy in place. The reasons for this are numerous, but there are some factors which are critical to the survival of any business.

A major market disruption, getting left behind digitally, or the inability to react quickly to a shift in competitive play in an industry are just some of the threats every company needs to consider across their IT capabilities.

We have highlighted three reasons why if you have not yet considered moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you really should consider it now.

Business Continuity

The first measure taken is designing a High Availability solution. This means that the entire system; servers, software and data, is replicated in a second data-centre. If anything goes wrong with the first data-centre, the second kicks in and takes over automatically without any loss of service.

The next layer of resilience is regular incremental backups that are held elsewhere and can be used to recover an extreme situation in which both data-centres are unavailable.


A key element to any business is the requirement to reduce running costs and become as efficient and ‘green’ as possible.

Moving to the Cloud often becomes an effective cost saving exercise as you use a pay-as-you-use model based on capacity and bandwidth.

The key benefit to this is the ability to scale up at the necessary rate to keep up with your growth strategy plan and only pay for what you use as opposed to having to pay over the odds by estimating future capacity.

Increase in Security

Data security is vital to all businesses no matter how large or small. Cloud providers have to stay current with the latest industry standards and certification to ensure their clients are complying with the latest regulations and secure peace of mind in the process.

The ability to add additional layers of security is also another reason to move to the Cloud. Thus, ensuring your data does not then get mixed in with another company’s data.

The requirement of more stringent firewalls, access credentials and security protocols than onsite stored data to make business owners more confident in their storing data offsite and that their data remains muted from the outside world.

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