Business broadband vouchers available in Welsh cities

Vouchers worth up to £3,000 are still available to small businesses based in cities in Wales.

So far the scheme has helped over 2,000 small business in the Welsh cities of Cardiff, Swansea and Newport to install superfast broadband. The UK as a whole has a pot of £40m for these vouchers, of which almost £27m has already been allocated.

Welsh minister Alun Cairns said that companies will need to upgrade their broadband services if they are to compete on an international level, adding that hundreds of Welsh businesses have already taken advantage of the improved technology and have found new customers all over the world as a result. The Federation of Small Businesses is also encouraging businesses to apply, as the cost of installing faster services often stops companies progressing.

The Wales Policy Unit chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, Janet Jones, said that the installation cost can be very high in some regions, making it harder for companies to contemplate an upgrade. She added that it is important for companies that opt to have faster business broadband installed to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to take maximum advantage. Learning what they can achieve with superfast broadband means that businesses can easily reach a whole new audience online and spread the reach of their business.

Once the current funding for the voucher scheme has been allocated, there will be no more vouchers available; therefore, businesses are urged to act fast.