Broadband vouchers for mid-Ulster businesses

Companies in the mid-Ulster region can now obtain government funding to access faster business broadband services.

The voucher scheme, which was launched by the government’s BDUK initiative, has reached the region and companies can now apply for a voucher worth up to £3,000. The Broadband Connection Vouchers Scheme is being offered by Mid Ulster District Council and companies that fall into the SME or social enterprise categories can claim vouchers to cover the cost of the installation of faster services.

Councillor Linda Dillon, chair of the council, launched the scheme for the council. She pointed out that it is very important for companies to have excellent broadband to make the most of digital technology. Many companies have not been able to get faster broadband services installed due to the cost, with the voucher scheme designed to encourage all businesses to upgrade their services at no cost to themselves.

The scheme should lead to the overall quality of broadband services in the region being improved and encourage more businesses to settle in the area. Ms Dillon also pointed out that the funding is limited and encouraged businesses to apply as soon as possible.

Businesses can contact the project manager for the Belfast Connection Voucher Scheme to see whether they are eligible, which can be done online, by phone or by post. More information on the scheme can be obtained from the economic development section of the Mid Ulster District Council.