Brazil’s largest bank utilises AI-powered cameras

Itau Unibanco, Brazil’s largest bank, is making a big step towards digital transformation by deploying AI-powered security cameras in branches. However, should customers be concerned about their privacy?

The trial took place last year, and now, the bank wants to expand this to the entire branch. At this time, however, the bank does not wish to disclose the supplier’s name.

The main objective of the project is being able to detect criminal activity and respond faster than ever before. With the help of AI technology, these cameras are well-equipped to identify dangerous objects such as iron bars and firearms. However, it’s not just the security aspect these cameras are beneficial for – the bank emphasises how the customer experience will benefit from implementing them.

Since they come with facial recognition features, there’s a whole lot you can do with them; quickly and automatically counting the number of people waiting in the queue is just one example of this. Moreover, they can generate heat maps, thus making an accurate assessment of which sector has the highest concentration of clients.

On the flip side, privacy issues are a big concern. Last year, for example, ViaQuattro, a subway operator, was sued for collecting passenger data such as:

– Gender

– Emotions

– Approximate age

Itau reassures us that the privacy of their customers is a key consideration. Their spokesperson commented that they treat personal data in a compliant manner and that they use the AI technology for security purposes. Reportedly, the bank wants to respect Brazil’s upcoming data protection regulations.