Brazilian airline trials facial biometrics

Gol, Rio de Janeiro’s international airport, is trying out facial biometrics technology for boarding. The passenger verification should be made easier because of it, and the entire process, allegedly, only takes about a second to complete.

Here’s how the digital transformation technology works: by capturing the passenger’s image, it’s possible to compare it with the records of that person with about 98% accuracy. In fact, the technology can analyse 1024 facial points in less than a second.

That being said, the regulations still demand that ID documents be presented as a condition for boarding. All in all, however, the boarding process will be more convenient for passengers from now on, because there will no longer be a need to show the printed or mobile-based boarding passes.

The new innovative facial scanning system was developed by the researchers at Gol Labs. This is the airline’s lab,and the technology is based onFullFace Biometric Solutions. If the trial is successful, the airline is planning to extend it to other Brazilian airports and domestic flights.

The first time we saw the technology was in the year of 2017. At that time, it was advertised as the world’s first technology that allows check-ins through the use of “selfies”. When the trial phase is successfully completed, the airport will integrate the check-in database with the biometric boarding system.

In the US, a similar type of technology has been in use since 2016.