BOXiedge – a new milestone in edge computing

BOXiedge is a 24-core miniserver that came to be as a result of a partnership between Socionext and Foxconn Technology Group.

In general, cloud computing is still combating things such as security vulnerabilities, latency and unreliable network connection.

To provide some answers, edge computing came to be – in other words, it’s what allows IoT devices to be AI powered with the help of cloud-trained algorithms.

As far as technical specifications go, BOXiedge is a 24-core miniserver that only needs 30 watts of power to run – plus, it’s fanless!

It was designed to be of great use in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Factory automation
  • Digital health
  • Retail

One of its strongest advantages is that its users need not rely on a stable internet connection for optimal results – this is because its numerous local cores can run AI algorithms.

In terms of cyber security, it’s also pretty strong, since any data that could be considered sensitive is stored locally on the server.

Delving deeper into its hardware design, we have SynQuacer SC2A11, the 24-core chip.

This is a 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 that clocks at 1GHz.

The SoC has LAN, 4MB of L3, DR4 RAM and PCIe.

The chip is designed to be as efficient as possible and will be a great fit for servers, edge computing, as well as industrial applications.

The SC2A11 comes in a neat BGA package with a metal lid that measures 30mm x 30mm.

If you need a large number of cores, you’re bound to love its compact design.

As for the future of hardware design, the conventional wisdom states that microcontrollers are suitable for handling a single task.

The SC2A11 goes against the norm with its multicore design.

In the future, we are likely to see more focus being put into increasing security and decreasing latency when it comes to microcontroller design.

Also, AI co-processors and multiple cores will be more prominent.