Borrowing charging cables is a cybersecurity risk

Everybody needs charging cables to keep their phones charged.

The problem?

This is a new way that hackers are using to obtain access to your personal information, so mind who you borrow these from.

Allegedly, hackers can install hardware into these charging cables that’s designed to obtain unauthorised access to someone’s phone.

Due to this, it goes without saying that cybersecurity experts advise us to avoid borrowing charging cables from other people and safeguard our own just like we would protect our passwords.

There could be all sorts of hidden malware on one of these if you decide to borrow them, the kind that can easily hijack your device.

The airport is a crowded space where you’ll find more than a fair share of charging stations.

However, you should be wary!

If at all possible, you should use your own charging cable, so make sure to always carry one with you.

Since these are pretty cheap, it shouldn’t be an issue buying one of these on your own.

Another location people frequently stop by in their travels is hotels.

It is possible that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll need a charging cable, however, borrowing it on the spot carries the same cybersecurity risks as doing so from any other location.

The fact of the matter is that there are hotels that have a drawer full of charging cables left behind by other guests.

The cybersecurity experts have made it very clear – avoid them and use your own.