BlackBerry and Fleet Complete introduce push radar to IoT platform

BlackBerry and Fleet Complete have started a reselling partnership through which they’re going to be selling BlackBerry’s radar IoT logistics platform to shipping companies.

Radar has the function of tracking assets. Released in 2016, it gives fleet managers the option to view operations in near real-time.

Basically, the hardware acts as a monitor that you need to attach to the door of a trailer. Once installed, the device connects to a tracking network. Through analytics, users can monitor a wide array of data, including humidity, temperature, and load status.

From now on, Fleet Complete will have the BlackBerry Radar included as part of its IoT solution portfolio designed for carriers. BlackBerry stands to get a lot out of the partnership, since the customer acquisition potential is huge, and the Radar platform will undoubtedly receive a great deal of exposure.

Currently, Fleet Complete is operational in the USA, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

Another great opportunity for BlackBerry is that the company is now granted a chance to show their mobile embedded systems, as well as their cybersecurity know-how. This should allow for plenty of growth opportunities in new industries.

Undeniably, the fleet management market is in a state of growth. Any products that have the potential to reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency, are welcomed by the trucking industry. Through the release of Radar, BlackBerry wants to provide a marketplace solution to these problems, and make its way deeper into the IoT space.