Birmingham’s Help Lightning receives $8m in new funding

Help Lightning, a US start-up based in Birmingham, Alabama, first started to provide its services four years ago.

Resolve Growth Partners has recently provided $8m in funding, which will go towards sales, marketing and refining the company’s product.

This is just one example of its success – in the recent years, Help Lightning has managed to get 100 customers on board, including Fortune 500 names such as:

  • Cox Communications
  • Boston Scientific
  • Siemens

Originally invented by Bart Guthrie, a neurosurgery practitioner at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, this is a notable stepping stone for the industry.

Thanks to his efforts, performing remote surgeries with improved telepresence technologies has become simpler than ever.

Guthrie managed to devise a technology that merges multiple video streams into one.

This streamlines assisting, managing and monitoring tasks related to surgery and service repairs.

Gary York, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Help Lightning, describes it as “a video call on steroids”.

York and Guthrie started working together four years ago.

Together, they started pouring their efforts into commercialising the technology.

In its current state, it supports both iOS and Android.

To begin using the technology, it is necessary to have a browser installed.

York reports that an ever-increasing number of users have jumped on board since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic months ago, saying that there have been quadruple the total number of video calls.

For example, Cox Communications, one of Help Lightning’s customers, utilises the technology as a substitute for in-person troubleshooting at home.

Siemens, another satisfied customer, uses Help Lightning for connecting experts who come up with fixes for lab diagnostic equipment and medical imaging.

The customers are charged on a per-usage basis – however, York chose not to disclose any concrete numbers at the present time.