AWS IoT SiteWise becomes available to the general public

At AWS re:Invent 2018, AWS IoT SiteWise was first announced as a solution for organising, collecting and analysing data gathered from industrial equipment at scale.

This comes as an answer to the challenging nature of collecting performance metrics from industrial equipment that is otherwise characterised by requiring specialised expertise.

Now that AWS IoT SiteWise is live, you will have the option to streamline the task by utilising software designed to make organising and collecting industrial equipment data easier.

After setting it up, you will be able to monitor industrial equipment across the facility to identify:

  • Waste
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Product defects
  • Production inefficiencies

From this point onwards, AWS IoT SiteWise is available in the following regions:

  • Western parts of the US
  • Eastern parts of the US
  • Europe (Frankfurt)
  • Europe (Ireland)

You can access a demo application from the AWS IoT SiteWise console (be sure to check the upper-right corner).

It only takes about three minutes to complete – in the process, you will learn how to create assets and models representing a wind farm.

By using AWS IoT SiteWise Connector, you can gather data from local sensors and securely upload it to the AWS Cloud.

Once it is safely resting in the cloud, you can use SiteWise Monitor to stream data in near real time (no code is required).

If you want to create a web application that you can access from any browser, head to the SiteWise Monitor console and select ‘create portal’.

This is designed to accelerate insights within your organisation.

When creating a dashboard, you are free to choose a visualisation type that best suits the needs of your team.

You can also tap into the AWS IoT Core rules engine to activate condition monitoring and send alerts on demand.

AWS uses a pay-for-usage model with no minimum fees.