AutoX, the first autonomous self-driving grocery delivery vehicles are deployed

San Jose has welcomed the deployment of self-driving grocery delivery vehicles. Designed by AutoX, an innovative startup using affordable $50 cameras and plenty of smarts, these are sure to impact the lives of the local residents.

The recognisable green cars have a backup driver inside, so safety is much less of a concern. Furthermore, the vehicles are equipped with high-res cameras that can easily spot pedestrians or pets on the road. A fully outfitted car costs $80,000 plus whatever it takes to fund the fuel and the driver inside, but through digital transformation, advancement of technology and more lenient regulations, the operating costs will become more affordable.

According to Jianxiong Xiao, CEO of AutoX, last-mile grocery and food delivery will be much cheaper thanks to these cars.

In fact, grocery stores could start making the switch to warehouses if people start using the self-driving grocery delivery technology on a massive scale, which should reduce some of their costs as well.

While companies like Nuro and Marble are designing customised vehicles for autonomous delivery, startups such as AutoX are giving them added value by putting the new technology to good use. Xiao said that the value they bring is developing an AI-powered driver rather than building a car.

The vehicles are equipped with temperature-regulating technology and have the carrying capacity to handle multiple orders at the same time. All a customer needs to do is place an order through the app, and the rest is taken care of by the company.