Autonomous package delivery service graces the streets of UK

Digital transformation has gotten a new meaning in the streets of UK; from now on, you can expect to see autonomous package delivery service robots taking care of your deliveries. These are the work of Starship Technologies, a company that was launched in 2014.

Late deliveries are an ever-present problem in the UK. In recent years, the number of them has doubled. The new autonomous package delivery service aims to address this issue through innovation.

The delivery robots are powered by batteries and equipped with 10 cameras, which is what allows them to view 3D footage. Thanks to advanced technologies such as GPS, ultrasound devices, radar, and mapping technology, they are sufficiently equipped to recognise potential hazards on the street, including pedestrians and cars.

To take advantage of the new delivery service, downloading an iOS or Android app is all that’s needed. Then, all that remains to be done is to assign an address to which the parcel should be delivered, and the rest is taken care of by the robots. As soon as the package gets delivered, you also receive a message alert. You are also able to choose the time of the delivery.

If you feel the need to track the robot’s progress, you can do so in real-time by using the app. Although they can handle themselves on their own, manual control can be exercised over them to get them out of trouble if needed.

In the future, these robots will also be upgraded to include additional compartments, thus making them suitable for making multiple deliveries in the same run.