Automated vehicles to hit Victorian roads

Soon, the testing of automated vehicles will be underway on Victorian roads.

In this brave digital transformation move, the automated vehicles will be using 4G technology to communicate with one another as well as traffic management centres. Hakan Eriksson, the Chief Technology Officer at Telstra, explained that C-V2X is the technology that allows this.

Prior to being let on the road, these cars were tested and perfected in controlled environments. Among the safety features that allow these cars to be safe are the following:

– Pedestrian alert right-turn assist
– Red-light violator warnings

While Telstra is the organisation behind the project, the finances came from the government’s CAV programme. The deal is estimated to be valued at AU$3.5 million.

In any case, the on-road testing phase will commence as soon as the trials are completed. As for following the regulations, in September, Australia received the Automated Driving System permit scheme which will be used as the basis for the operation of automated vehicles in the area.

Based on the above, and the technology that enables it, the government will have a way to monitor and manage what impact these vehicles have on the roads. To prepare for the arrival of automated vehicles, the government will be establishing an Office of Future Transport Technologies.

The new office will have a leadership role – one of its main tasks includes making sure that transport technologies of the future adhere to the guidelines for responsible conduct.