Auctify’s ‘anti-procrastination’ glasses use AI to stop you getting distracted

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it will now be easier to stay focused.

A start-up called Auctify has promised a solution to procrastination that comes in the form of AI-equipped smart glasses that monitor your eye movement.

The company’s Indiegogo campaign is now underway.

The glasses, which are called Specs, record your eye movement no matter what you are looking at, and then collect the data and send it to a connected app.

From there, not only do you get deep analytical insights into how you are spending your days, but you also have the option to set ‘focus sessions’.

These focus sessions can be initiated when you want to get something done.

If Specs catch you looking at the wrong thing by listening for audio and visual cues, they can alert you in one of two ways:

  • By playing a sound through the built-in speakers.
  • By blinking a light into the corner of your vision.

Although the technology is a breakthrough, it does have some drawbacks.

For instance, someone might have to check Twitter for work purposes, but they may also check it when procrastinating – will the device understand the difference?

In the above example, Specs cannot help.

However, Specs will be able to discern what websites the user is navigating and will show them in its tracking history.

Therefore, the user will be able to mark some of them as essential for work.

Auctify founder and CTO Hisham El-Halabi says that productivity is up to each and every individual, and therefore customisation comes into play.

Specs are compatible with prescription lenses if you want to use them for correcting your vision.

They also come with an array of built-in sensors and devices, including a gyroscope, a blood oximeter and an accelerometer.

The company says that any data collected is never uploaded online.