Arm’s IoT predictions for 2019

As the end of the year approaches quickly, numerous IoT prediction lists are popping up, and here’s what Arm believes we’ll see in 2019:

  1. Healthcare services will improve

Better connectivity and deployment of sensors in hospitals will allow the staff to handle workplace challenges more efficiently. In concrete terms, this will allow for real-time equipment location and order status monitoring, thus reducing the time needed to find crucial medical equipment.

  1. Personalised delivery

Thanks to GPS positioning, smartphones, and low-cost sensors, deliveries could be made anywhere and not just at pre-determined locations, making delivery options much more flexible in general.

  1. Smart homes will become popular

With the increase of IoT smart home products and gadgets, consumers will have the freedom to choose from a plethora of heating, cooling, irrigation, and lighting solutions to make their everyday tasks more automated and less of a hassle.

  1. Smart cities will improve citizen engagement and revenue streams

IoT solutions will allow for more optimal spending of resources, with waste management being just one example. Furthermore, detecting certain unwanted behaviour such as crossing red lights in traffic will become much easier. With the help of better Wi-Fi options, smart towers, 5G services, and crime detection, citizens will become more engaged.

  1. Smart buildings will play a substantial role

Thanks to advanced technologies such as ML, computer vision and location, smart buildings will attain a new level of functionality, which includes object detection for safety purposes, asset tracking, space optimisation and wayfinding.