Are you ready for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019?

There’s great news coming from the Microsoft camp. Developers and hobbyists can now download Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 from the official website. It’s available to Windows and Mac users.

The first preview of Microsoft Visual Studio was made available in December 2018. According to Microsoft officials, this version features Visual Studio Live Share, a service for programming collaboration projects. VS 2019 was also designed to let you learn coding more quickly.

Apart from the other improvements, you will also see debugging is now better than before, right along with code navigation and a code-completion capability, thanks to Visual Studio IntelliCode.

If you’ve ever developed .NET apps in Xamarin, good news – these are supported for iOS and Android. There is also support for traditional apps written in C++ and those built with Azure services.

To clarify, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 for Mac is essentially a rebranded version of Xamarin Studio. Company officials, however, would like to highlight the following features and improvements:

– A new Start window for better navigation

– Unity debugger is now supported

– A new C# editor

– Better overall performance

– You can now run multiple instances of the same environment at the same time

– Better reliability and accessibility

Interested in learning more about Visual Studio 2019? If that’s the case, feel free to explore new training content offered by LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft, and Plurasight. But act fast! The latter course is only available at no charge until the 22nd April 2019, while the one offered by LinkedIn Learning is free until the 2nd of May 2019.